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April 5th 2012

Weekend (film)


A very simple story -- boy meets boy and they spend the titular Weekend together -- the film centres on the conversation between the two lovers. A bit like a gay Before Sunrise. Only less American. And with more (gay) sex.

It's not too raunchy, though. It is very well constructed and feels very real. Fantastic performances from both actors.

If you're gay: you should go watch it. If you're not, there's actually a point made in the film when Glen (Chris New) is talking about an art exhibition he's wanted to put on, which would have a "gay" theme. But he's not sure to bother. He laments, because of the theme, that the straights won't go because "gay" has nothing to do with them, and the gays will only go to try and catch a glimpse of cock.

So, yes, there is gay sex in the film -- but it's not about that. It's also not often or gratuitous. It's a film about a conversation, a fleeting relationship, and a well made piece of low-budget indie film-making. If you're straight, you should go watch it.

Weekend (2011): IMDb -- Wikipedia -- Netflix (US)
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