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April 16th 2013

SlackLoader PHP — Static File Blog Loader

I've created a bit of a static file / blog manager, or loader or whatever you might call it.

It is, by design, very very simple. I was a bit sick of dealing with the plethora of unused features lurking in the WordPress admin panel, while simultaneously lacking the freedom to tinker with my own website, so I created something to cover the bare essentials of routing to pages, loading blog posts and creating syndication feeds (just rss for now).

Blog posts are loaded from JSON files, partly because I thought it might be fun to plug it into a remote REST source in future — although for now the files are stored on the server.

Pages are simply .php files. It could be a snippet of html to fit between the header and footer, or it can bypass the template altogether and do something unique. Up to you. Blog posts may also be assigned a 'page' to overwrite the default post template.

There's an awful lot of things it doesn't do which you might otherwise expect from something introduced as a "blog manager" but, aside from adding an easier way to create JSON files (which I will get around to), that's pretty much by design. There's actually some pieces I wrote over the weekend which I've since taken out — with an aim to impose as little as possible upon the author of each new page or post, while still providing something basicly useful.

I've named it SlackLoader because things need a name. The code is over on GitHub and it's currently powering this site.
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