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April 19th 2013


Podcasts I've been listening to recently. Links are direct to the feeds.

  • Talk

    • Radiolab – very enjoyable show from New York public radio. Each episode investigates a different topic, often science related.
    • Kermode & Mayo Film Reviews – weekly film news and review podcast from Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's BBC 5Live radio show.
    • On The Media – looking at different aspects of the media.
  • Tech

    • /dev/hell – web development (with a leaning towards PHP) talking and ranting from Chris 'Grumpy Programmer' Hartjes and Ed 'Funkatron' Finkler.
    • PHP Town Hall – php related talk with Phil Sturgeon and guests.
    • The Talk Show – the Daring Fireball podcast.
  • Tunes

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