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September 20th 2012

Meanwhile, On The Internet…

Here's some stuff I've been looking at recently.

Whoa, dude, are we inside a computer right now? -- Something fun to think about in this Vice.com article. It makes enough sense to me that "computers" (to use a simplistic term) will eventually be able to mimic enough of what we consider consciousness, to the extent that the mimicry will be indecipherable from the "real thing". And perhaps no less real at all.  Rich Terrile, a well regarded "Nasa Scientist", wonders if this has already happened.

The Interiorization Of The Body. The Exteriorization Of The Mind. -- A short excerpt from an interview with Terence McKenna in which he considers, from a different angle to the Vice article, the joining of mind and technology.

PHP: The Right Way -- A nice read-through for anyone who codes with PHP. Break some bad habits and pick up some good ones.

The Ultimate Guide to Ergonomics. -- Learn to sit properly. I've been keeping this page handy for the past week or two, whenever I remember it.

Robert Anton Wilson - Maybe Logic Exercises. -- A few techniques to challenge your pre-baked perceptions.
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