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June 9th 2012

Hacktivism / Understanding Bitcoin [Aljazeera]

A good article about an interesting subject (Bitcoin) on Aljazeera:

Understanding Bitcoin - Aljazeera.com

In particular I like what they have to say about 'hacktivism':
Real hacktivism, then, is less about denial of service attacks, which are acts of digital protest, than about the clever creation or intervention of software forms for social change. It is less about sabotage than about alternatives.

Hacktivism allows dissent to overcome the limitations of protest, actually implementing alternatives and making them widely available without asking for permission from the status quo. It gives wings to the possibility for gradual peaceful revolution: alternatives no longer need to remain dreams, but can become real options for real people.

Hacktivism often opens real spaces by "selling the idea" first to the machines, after which people realise other ways are possible and allow themselves to think in new ways.
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