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April 10th 2016

Seeing and hearing recently...

Plenty of great podcasts recently. I've been going through the back catalogues of a number of new-to-me podcasts, most of which have tended to be quite interview-centric.

  • Future Thinkers. A discussion on the future of humankind and consciouseness by a couple of people (and occasional guests) with an interest in technology, free thinking, and psychedelics. The two-part interview with Viney Gupta is a highlight.

  • Joe Rogan Experience. Rambling chats with Joe Rogan and guest. This has been around for a while, I've only started giving it any time. If there's a guest you're interseted in, that's the episode to download. (It's a long list of episodes!).

  • Distraction Pieces. Scroobious Pip interviews people. Tends to be insightful and interesting.

  • Adam Buxton Podcast. Adam Buxton interviews people. Tends to be funny .

  • Internet History Podcast. A look at the recent history of the Internet, from the first web browser to the iPad. I've listened to about half of this so far and really enjoyed it. Recommend starting from episode one and listening sequentially.

A few good albums.

Some films worth seeing.

And a brilliant web series from Louis CK.

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